On Demand offers unencrypted delivery to law firms

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Due to recent changes in the Copyright Licencing Agencies (CLA) agreements, British Library On Demand can now supply all Licenced copies of articles delivered electronically free of any Digital Rights Management (DRM) as an unencrypted PDF.

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To be able to take advantage of DRM free delivery you simply need to contact the British Library to -

  • Provide written confirmation that you hold a CLA Law Licence or a CLA Multinational Law Licence
  • Consent to the British Library providing details of each document supplied to you to the CLA.  This will include your company name, location (UK or overseas) and your CLA account code.

You can change your delivery method and find out more information by contacting Jo Cox.

You can also find out more about On Demand by following @ondemandBL on twitter.

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On Demand offers unencrypted delivery to law firms

3 March 2017

Changes in the CLA arrangements means On Demand can offer unencrypted delivery to law firms