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From an India Office Records file relating to the repatriation of Austrians and Germans during WWI, Oct 1915-Nov 1915 (See the Untold Lives blog for more details).

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Baptisms, marriages and burials can be searched in Find My Past’s British in India Collection and by visiting our reading room. Alternatively, our reference team can conduct a search.  The India Office Records Ecclesiastical Returns (copy registers of births/baptisms, marriages and burials of European and Eurasian Christians in India, Burma and territories controlled from India) are not complete. We estimate that 20-30% of the returns are missing so it is possible that a search will not be successful. Certified copies, i.e. an official copy with the seal of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, can also be provided. The fees for Ecclesiastical Searches and Certificates are as follows:

  • £36 per search for enquirers of EU countries (includes VAT)
  • £30 per search for enquirers of non-EU countries
  • £18 per certified copy

Applications for Ecclesiastical Records Search (PDF file and print)

Enquirers who are unable to make a personal visit to the Asian & African Studies Reading Room may wish to employ a research agent to pursue enquiries on their behalf. A list can be supplied on request.

Family history training

Every month the British Library runs free introductory training courses on using the India Office Records for family history research. These are advertised via the Untold Lives and Asian and African Studies blogs, the Library’s website and the Reader Bulletin.


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