Guide to using Pinterest for business marketing

For businesses that rely on visuals to sell their products, Pinterest is a great social network option.  After all, the site boasts over 100 million regular users, and – and this is the best stat, business wise – it’s estimated that nearly 75 per cent of users have purchased something either on the platform or because of it.

So, how should you get started marketing on the network? Our Pinterest for business tips should help:

So you’re a Pinterest business? Better know your audience, then

There’s no getting around one major statistic: 85 per cent of Pinterest users are female.  So, if you’re targeting almost exclusively at males, then it might be worth choosing an alternative network to promote yourself on.

However, if you’re marketing to women, you’re definitely in the right place, and you can start focusing on promoting the strengths of your business.

Focus on getting great photos

This is Pinterest 101: you should be creating the best possible images of whatever it is you’re looking to market.  There are two main options here if you want to excel:

  • Invest in high-quality photographic equipment.  Proper lighting and a proper camera makes the world of difference. 
  • Get a proper photographer to take your photos for you.

Both options will work, but make no mistake: you’ll live and die by the quality of your images.  It’s an upfront investment, sure, but it’ll be worth it – and make no mistake, other successful businesses WILL make the investment.

Make sure you’re getting the click-throughs

So, you’ve got some beautiful images and your customers are already engaging with them.  Great work.  The next step is to make sure those images are actually working for you.

See, it’s all very well getting pins and likes, but if no-one’s clicking through to your website, then the network’s not doing its job.    Fortunately, you can rectify this by:

  • Including links through to the right website landing page. 
  • Make users associate that beautiful, stylish image with your brand.  Remember, this is social media marketing.

Having a genuine call-to-action. CTAs are a marketing term for what’s simply telling people what to do.  If you want them to pin the page, ask.  If you want them to buy, ask!

Provide a seamless transition to your website

If you’re going to use Pinterest as your main social media arm – and many businesses successfully do so – then it’s well worth you taking the time to ensure your website has a Pinterest plug-in installed.    There are a number of useful widgets and plug-ins that will let you do so.

This is important: Pinterest is a visual website and you’ll want to ensure that your website is just as stylish.  You don’t want all those swish pictures to look slightly worse on your actual website, do you?

Go with what works

As with any form of digital or social media marketing, there’s no point re-inventing the wheel.  Certain types of content will perform better than others.  Look at including:

  • Compelling, shareable images
  • Text overlays that’ll help users browse faster
  • Detailed descriptions of the content you’re sharing
  • Lists and how-to’s included in the text overlays

Do all of the above, and you’ll get good results.  This leads us nicely onto the next point:

Using Pinterest for business means BRANDING

As is the case with all visual marketing – Instagram is a great social example – you need to have a firm visual brand in place before you start marketing.  Decide what style of image you’re going to promote, and then stick to it.

  • If you’re selling fashion, you might focus on greyscale (or black and white) images for that classic feeling
  • If you sell summer cosmetics, you might focus on bright, summer-like colours
  • If you’re a food seller, you’re probably going to create lots of close-up, enticing pictures of the food

Whatever theme you decide to go with, though, the key is consistency.  Make sure that anyone who finds one of your pictures knows that – if they choose to be a fan – that’s what they’re always going to get from you.

Promoting different styles will look sloppy, which is not the impression you want to create.

(Even when doing promotions or seasonal offers, you should still do so in your own style).

Know the requirements for Pinterest images

Vertical pins tend to perform better, simply because they fit in better with mobile screens – which is what most users check out Pinterest on.  Vertical images should have an aspect ratio of 2:3 to 1:2.8

You should also remember, Pinterest doesn’t recognise images embedded in iFrames or within Flash websites and it doesn’t recognise background images either.

Trust us, knowing this will save a lot of time later on.

If you’re interested in discovering more about how social media can be used to help you promote your business, then our workshop will be ideal.  To find out more, check out the event page here.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in reading more about using different social networks for marketing, check out our hub page here.

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